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There are four primary characteristics of grateful people.

• Feel a sense of abundance in their lives

• Appreciate the contributions of others to their well-being

• Recognise and enjoy life's small pleasures

• Acknowledge the importance of experiencing and expressing gratitude

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Have you found that it can be really difficult to think of things you are grateful for, when everything in your life seems to be going wrong?

Countless studies show that for many people, finding a bit of thankfulness each day can actually increase happiness levels and decrease depression. By developing an Attitude of Gratitude, you can feel more fulfilled and joyful each day.

An attitude of gratitude can make the difference between a life of fulfilment, or a life of emptiness. The wisdom of gratitude contains the solutions to the teachings hidden in all our problems. It is the primary emotion that pulls us through all hardships and challenges. Feeling grateful is the defining characteristic of grace within our human experience because it holds within it the principles of fairness and faith.

An Attitude of Gratitude means making it a habit to express appreciation for all different parts of life, no matter how small. Following the Law of Attraction principles.

If you concentrate on what you have, you will always have more. If you concentrate on what you do not have, you'll never have enough.  Releasing the past through Gratitude is freeing.  It brings about peace within in the Mind Body and Soul.

When you feel truly grateful for your life, past, present and future, you move into a higher vibration and frequency. You cannot hold onto the past and feel grateful at the same time.   

Whether or not these attitudes come to you naturally, paying attention to life's positives can train you to see more and more of them, which will help you learn to be more grateful.

You might feel blessed that good weather allowed you to get out for an afternoon run, that a stranger lent a helping hand, that you made it to the bus on time, or that your kids offered to do the dishes.

Acknowledging these things — on paper, with words, or even in your thoughts — will help you cultivate an attitude of gratitude —and with it, a boost in happiness that will last year-round.

Release with Gratitude - Mind Body Soul is delivered entirely online. 

Watch on the day and join in with the LIVE Q &A's and share sessions, or catch them on replay. It’s up to you! 

All replays of the Release with Gratitude Summit will be available until the end of December.


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Summit and Virtual Studio all happening in December!

Why wait till next year to 'Get in the Habit' and start your daily/weekly self-care spiritual practice?

Start this December and Get into the Habit. This unique Virtual Studio brings to you LIVE Sessions 5 days of the week to help you simply get in the habit of meditating and journaling.


The way we have always learned things, since being born, is by repetition. We learn to write by writing the letters of the alphabet over and over until we then form words which then make sentences. No-one has ever just picked up a pen and started to write sentences straight away. It is the same with learning and introducing a new habit into your life. After years of exploring my own path on daily/weekly self-care spiritual practices, the one TOP TIP I have learnt is this.... KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Just like you pay to go to a gym which includes maybe use of the training equipment and some of their classes a month. I am offering you a Mind Body Soul Virtual Studio.

+ For the Mind 

    Mind Body Soul Meditations, Tuesday Tune In, Calmer Self Meditations and the Embrace with Gratitude Workshops.

+ For the Body 

    Mind Body Soul Meditations and Chakra Dancing.

+ For the Soul 

    Mind Body Soul Meditations, Card Insight Session, Calmer Self Meditations, Chakra Dancing, Embrace with Gratitude Workshops.

So join me this month for a simple yet deeply moving and transformative time. 2020 has really thrown a lot at us and instead of waiting till January the 1st when we say we will start something new and never do, START IN DECEMBER and end 2020 doing something positive and nourish your Mind Body Soul.


DECEMBER BONUS - Get in the Habit

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